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Second Trayes Scholarship Winner Selected

Diego Sorbara, a graduating senior from the University of Missouri became the second Dr. Edward Trayes Scholarship winner based on his performance as a 2005 copy editing intern at The Hartford Courant. The award is given in honor of Dr. Trayes, director of the Temple University residency by Terence O�Toole, a 1979 editing alumnus.

Dr. Trayes said he selected Sorbara because "has great potential as an editor." Sorbara said calling the program a residency doesn't capture Dr. Trayes' boot-camp approach. He planned to work at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel after graduating in May 2006.

Mr. O�Toole, an intern at The Wall Street Journal, made the contribution through the O�Toole Family Foundation, Short Hills, N.J. He is co-managing partner ofTtinicum Capital Partners II, LP.

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