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Career Guide in High Demand

More than 5,000 copies of The Journalist�s Road to Success were distributed in 2005. Thanks to a grant from Dow Jones director Elizabeth Steele, the Fund printed 10,000 more copies after running out in early in the year. Most of the booklets were distributed free to individual students, parents, teachers, libraries and professional journalists. A modest $2 fee covers postage for orders of more than four. A Spanish-language edition goes into production in 2006 for distribution later in that year.

Advertising in Adviser Update remained steady in its third year. Varied universities use it to market their mass communications programs to prospective students and their summer adviser workshops to journalism teachers. These ads can also be viewed on our Web site. The subscriber base of 4,500 consists of high school teachers, college professors and some newspaper editors.

The Journalism Education Association�s bookstore at Kansas State University has a standing order for In the Beginning. The guide, originally intended for teachers and journalists attempting to start or revive urban high school papers, is proving helpful to teachers at existing programs. It contains tips on creating a staff manual, buying new equipment and advice from former National High School Journalism Teachers of the Year. The free booklets are self-published for the Fund by the Dow Jones print shop.

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