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Marquette Workshop Reaches a Milestone

The Marquette University Urban Journalism Workshop celebrated its 20th anniversary with a reunion opening banquet in Milwaukee. Twenty-nine alumni returned to campus for the opening day event on June 19.

The keynote speaker, Stanley Miller, deputy business editor and columnist at the Journal Sentinel, is a 1994 alumnus. He told the audience of about 70 people, "Journalists, at their heart, are teachers. They just use a different medium. So the opportunity to engage young people in a venue like the journalism workshop is a real treat for all of us."

Rose Richard, assistant dean and director of the program, produced an interactive CD complete with a Web site, workshop newspaper, audio and video of the workshop from start to finish. To see it go to, www.marquette.edu/comm/ujw. Then click on 2005 UJW Interactive Newspaper. It's a great record and a wonderful way to market the workshop to recruits.

Nearly 250 students have attended the Marquette workshop since the first one in 1986. Many of those students have become print and broadcast journalists working in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Tennessee and Georgia, among other states.

Ms. Richards reported Desiree Valentine, a 2005 workshopper, received a full tuition scholarship to Marquette, a great note on which to close out the program year.

The Newspaper Fund supported 29 workshops in 2005 including Kent State University. In all, 491 high school students attended Fund-supported workshops.

Above, left, Gary Rummler confers with a workshopper. Right, student reporters arrive at Milwaukee's Summerfest. Lower left, alumni applaud at the opening banquet.
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