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Summer Newspaper Fund Interns
First Summer Internship Report
This report gives the Fund information we need to contact you during the summer about the internship and to send you important forms from the Fund. We need your temporary mailing address, phone number, hours of your shift, name of your supervisor, office telephone number, weekly salary and pay period. Please send this information no later than June 19 to the Fund at our post office box or by e-mail to project manager, Phil Avila.

Final Summer Internship Report
This form will be mailed to you in mid- to late July. You should plan to complete it in the last week of your internship and mail it to the Fund at P.O. Box 300, Princeton, NJ 08543-0300. Be sure to answer all questions on the final report form, to write your letter to next year's intern and to attach your clips.

If you are eligible, submit your scholarship order form. Your scholarship check will be payable to the school you will attend during the coming school year and sent directly to you after we receive the scholarship order form (use it as a cover sheet for your final report), your final report and a report from your supervisor. The form and report must be received by the Newspaper Fund no later than Dec. 1. Payment will be stopped on checks not cashed by April 15.

If you do not have the proper forms, please use this link to request them: phil.avila@wsj.com. They can be re-sent by e-mail as Microsoft Word documents.

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