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 The Journalist's
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 Reviving Scholastic
 Adviser Update
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 Al Éxito
 Del Periodista

The Newspaper Fund produces several publications to elevate scholastic journalism, to promote careers in the news media and to help professional journalists create linkages with high school students and journalism educators. Single copies of all publications are available at no charge.

Our databases filled with scholarships, internships and fellowships as well as listings for the nation's journalism and mass communications programs at colleges and universities are included online. Click here to go directly to schools and scholarships.

The Journalist’s Road to Success: A Career Guide was begun in 1962 as a brochure listing colleges offering journalism majors. It is the Fund’s flagship publication expanded to include advice on colleges, mass communication courses, job hunting and resume-writing.

La ruta al éxito del periodista: Una guía de carrera is a Spanish translation of The Journalist’s Road to Success: A Career Guide. The text was translated by Wilson Liévano and Victor Herrero of The Wall Street Journal Americas staff. Design of the booklet was carried out by Manel Walker of Arts High School in Newark, N.J., with help from other Arts High students and faculty. A PDF version is available by clicking here.

In the Beginning: Reviving Scholastic Journalism School by School details steps to help urban and rural schools start and maintain viable student newspapers.

Adviser Update is the free quarterly newsletter for advisers and teachers. For information on advertising in the print edition, please send your inquiry to newsfund@wsj.dowjones.com

To request a free copy of any publication by mail, send an e-mail message with the name of the publication in the subject line to: newsfund@wsj.dowjones.com. Be sure to provide a postal mailing address.

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