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Writing Competition

The Newspaper Fund operates two writing competitions and a photography competition for high school students. Students cannot apply directly to the Fund for these awards. The procedures are explained here.

Summer Workshops Writing and Photography Competitions for High School Students
The students nominated by the director as the best writer and the best photographer in their Summer High School Journalism Workshops submit an essay and a published story for judging by three professional journalists. Four students chosen from the pool of writers and two students chosen from the pool of photographers will receive $1,000 college scholarships from the Fund.

Teacher of the Year Writing Competition
Each National High School Teacher of the Year and the four Distinguished Advisers hold writing competitions at their schools in the spring for seniors who are interested in pursuing journalism as a major in college. The contest brings a professional journalist in to each school to talk about an important journalistic issue or story. Contestants write their stories on the spot and are judged. The Teacher of the Year's student wins a $1,000 scholarship, students of the Distinguished Advisers receive $500 scholarships.

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