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 The Journalist's
 Road to Success
 In the Beginning:
 Reviving Scholastic
 Adviser Update
 La Ruta
 Al Ιxito
 Del Periodista
The Journalist's Road To Success
Table of Contents:

• The Journalist's Road To Success
• Introduction
• About the Newspaper Fund
• Code Of Ethics
• The Journalist's Mission
• An Overview of News Careers
• Why Ethics Are Important
• Should I Major in Journalism?
• Online Opportunities Abound
• Internships: Don't Leave School Without One
• Applying for a Newspaper Job
• Before the Interview
• What to Do When the Phone Rings
• The Big Story: Diversity
• Your Rιsumι
• La Prensa Latina
• A Career in Editing
• Visual Journalism: Using Photos and Graphics
• Community Newspapering
• Professional Organizations
• Journalism/Mass Communication Schools
• Jobs, Internships, Scholarships & Groups

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